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Logotipo Drysurf Training Funcional Balance

Functional Training and Proprioception

Drysurf Training System

Characteristics of our  Funtcional Balance

  • It transmits fun and instantaneous sensations, which makes the client have the need to repeat, also in the short and long term, since a considerable physical evolution is noted.

  • In addition, Our Functional Balance, unlike other proprioception tools, increases the range of mobility in the 4 axes (bow, stern, starboard and port) and therefore increases the sensations and the number of exercises to be executed.

  • It is also Unlimited, in terms of exercises to be executed, all habitual floor exercises in Balance increase your performance

  • It is very versatile, you can do jumps, pushes, pulls, throws, catches, hits, stretches, sit-ups, rubber bands, ball hoops, oars…

  • Clearly Multifunctional, usable for a good number of physical activities

  • Adaptable to all ages to the characteristics and evolutionary moment of each client, from children to adults

  • Regarding its Aesthetics, it has a design that motivates and makes the user wonder its possibilities

More advantages?

  • Easy and minimal maintenance, due to the characteristics of the product

  • Eco-friendly, made with noble materials without any type of risk or environmental footprint and does not consume electricity.

  • Low cost, compared to the performance obtained, the quality of manufacturing materials and product warranty

  • Without competition, because with our Functional Balance you can perform the exercises that are performed with other devices, however the competition cannot do what our Functional Balance allows due to its wide platform and its instability system, giving a very different response. to existing pneumatic systems on the market

  • Favors adaptation to all sports and sports in extreme conditions

  • Improves general health and allows to be adaptable to many balance situations

  • Avoid injuries with good postures strengthening all the muscles

  • Neuronal Stimulation since our brain corrects and memorizes each movement, thus automatically mechanising the exercise practiced in each sport.

  • Proprioception is the most important feature of our training method, to obtain optimal concentration and take control of your body.

Improve your proprioception and avoid injuries

It is a work system designed and analyzed to prepare and protect the specific musculoskeletal system for the effort that each sport demands and thus avoid unnecessary injuries as much as possible.

It is based on proprioception, reactivation of the maximum muscle fibers simultaneously and at the same time doing cardiovascular work with the benefits of Balance.

This method helps to acquire the appropriate physical-technical preparation and avoid injuries by activating Neuronal Stimulation, since the brain corrects and memorizes each movement.

Proprioceptive functional training

What sport do you play?

This training system allows us to carry out functional and proprioceptive training for all kinds of sports, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Martial Arts, Surfing. Paddle, Snow, Sky, Skateboard etc.

And it also allows us to adapt it to Fitness or activities such as Yoga and Pilates with the advantages of Functional Balance and our methodology based on proprioception.

What do you get with this functional training system?

It provides you with great Neuronal Stimulation, as our brain corrects and memorizes each movement, thus automatically mechanising the exercise practiced in each sport.

You also manage to improve proprioception, which is very important in any type of training, as it is the way our nervous system communicates, to send orders on how to contract the ligaments and thus be able to avoid injuries by protecting our joints.

And also with good postural hygiene, we achieve that in each exercise only the muscles that we need to work are worked without damaging other muscles or what worries us the most, the joints.

Price Functional Balance

Before 2300€ now 1955€


Functional Balance Highlights

Our Functional Balance allows us to:

  • Use it as a tool for rehabilitation and injury recovery.

  • Its special synergy with Surfing makes it essential to correct postures etc. 

  • Adapt it to Fitness or Yoga and Pilates or any sporting activity with the advantages of Functional Balance​. 

Surf Schools/Surf Coach

Fusing the Surfing technique, a new form of training has been developed that enhances surfing skills (balance, concentration, fluidity), with preventive medicine and allows exercises to be carried out preventing and/or recovering from injuries.

This system helps to practice the necessary maneuvers out of the water as many times as you want, activating Neural Stimulation, since the brain corrects and memorizes each movement.

Logotipo Escuela de Surf

Clinics and Rehabilitation

The birth of the Drysurf Training System has been through the experience acquired at the CSD Miguel Angel Lindosos Health and Sports Center, with more than 80,000 therapies, his experience in Osteopathy, biomechanics, injury recovery and his 40-year relationship with the sport have led him to create a revolutionary work system throughout the world.

“Drysurf Training System”, medicinally adapted to the medical rehabilitation of different pathologies that require neuronal stimulation, proprioception, or any psychomotor dysfunction.

logotipo clinica rehabilitación

Gyms and Fitness

We offer you an innovative, effective, fun and sustainable product over time, there is no other like it on the market, which covers so many sectors and sports in a single device.

It is adaptable to any circuit or training routine.

Functional Balance

Drysurf Training

Add it to your training circuit!!

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