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Implement our training system with our Functional Balance in your gym, you will not regret it, we are 100 x 100 sure that you will increase your clients with a great percentage of success.

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We offer you an innovative, effective, fun and sustainable product over time, there is no other like it on the market, which covers so many sectors and sports in a single device.

Excellent percentage of success due to the market study carried out and the Feedback received.

We offer you instructor training with the Drysurf Training System.

And also with a presence on our WebSite offering the client the location of your gym where they can train with the Drysurf Training System.

“A gym culture where all exercises in our Functional Balance will be welcome”

Fresh, innovative, different product and with a fully tested training system, which offers the athlete a physical preparation at all levels (professional or amateur).

Adaptable to any sport and public, from children to the elderly.

Based on preventive medicine and postural hygiene.

This training system and our Functional Balance can be implemented as an independent activity and for any level of physical preparation.

In addition, thanks to our cardio vascular program, it adapts to all the activities of a Gym.

Group classes can also be held even if they have different levels.

All sports activities need to have a developed proprioception, such as: Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates, Rhythmic Gymnastics, etc.

Any exercise performed on the floor can be executed with the benefits of Balance instability.

Functional Balance

Drysurf Training

Add it to your training circuit!!