Drysurf Training System

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We only ship to Europe. We do not ship to other continents. For shipments to Europe, fill in the following form and we will give you prices and instructions for the purchase. We are sorry that we do not ship to other continents for the reasons that we explain below.

Do you want to buy our Functional Balance?

We only ship to Europe, we do not ship to other continents, as shipping in some countries outside the European continent is sometimes complicated and transportation is more expensive than the product itself, due to its dimensions and weight.

For European orders, shipping is totally viable and cheap, so fill out the form and we will tell you the exact price of shipping.

Why don’t we ship to America or other continents outside of Europe?

Sending to other continents outside of Europe, the price of transport depending on the country, is around €1,500 and €2,000 per unit, so it is not very commercially viable and that is why we do not serve America, Asia, etc.

If you are from another continent outside of Europe and you have the option of taking care of the transport yourself, we can sell and serve it to you in any city in Spain and from there you would take care of transporting it to your country, without any responsibility on our part. If you are still interested contact us.