Drysurf Training System

Surf Training

A continuous training with Drysurf improves the Take Off and the maneuvers inside the water and the surfers verify its evolution.

Surf Training

This training system, fused with the Surfing technique, has developed a new form of training that enhances surfing skills (balance, concentration, fluidity), with preventive medicine and allows exercises to be carried out preventing and/or recovering from injuries.

This system helps to practice the necessary maneuvers out of the water as many times as you want, activating Neural Stimulation, since the brain corrects and memorizes each movement.

In the Surf sector, it is essential for any initiation to this sport, especially for the Take Off (stand up to catch the wave).

This device allows you to practice the take off between 40 and 60 times in an hour, this being the best way to prepare, being able to practice it as many times as you want, without the difficulty of doing it in your environment, since in the water, to get between 40 and 60 take off, we would need at least a week.


“Advantages and Benefits for your Surf School, instructors and clients”

  • Positioning of the School by being pioneers and being up to date with the latest news, a new and very effective training system for Surfing.
  • It transmits fun and instant sensations, which makes the client/student have the need to repeat, also in the short and long term, since a considerable physical evolution is noted.
  • Beneficial for Surfing at all levels since it gives us security and confidence, essential for the practice of this sport.
  • Correction of postures so that the student can channel the instructions of his monitor making it easier to start surfing.
  • Adaptable to the characteristics and evolutionary moment of each student, from children to adults, and initiation or high performance.
  • Favors the adaptation of surfing in extreme conditions
  • Avoid injuries with good postures strengthening all the muscles
  • Neuronal Stimulation, since our brain corrects and memorizes each movement, thus automatically mechanising the exercise practiced and when it is time to go into the water it is done instinctively.
  • Proprioception, Having developed a good proprioception, helps the Surfer in extreme situations by increasing his reflexes and instinctive control of his body.
Drysurf Training Funcional Balance

Functional Balance

Drysurf Training

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